61/100 ~ Plank Pose – (Kumbhakasana) – Let’s build some muscle today! This is probably a pose you’ve seen around, but have you ever tried it? Coming into the pose is simple, holding it with proper alignment and endurance takes practice. C’mon, give it a try…

Benefits: Plank pose strengthens muscles in the abdomen, back, core, arms and upper back. It also works the glutes and legs; stretches and strengthens the feet and ankles; improves posture and balance; builds stamina; and fosters endurance.

How to: Come to your hands and knees for table pose (Day 12). Spread your fingers wide, with index fingers pointing toward the top of your mat. Align your wrists directly under the shoulders, and knees under the hips. Look through your knees and make sure your feet are lined up behind your knee joints. Tuck your toes and lift the knees off of the floor to come to the “top” of a push-up.

Now for the holding – press down into your hands and feel a sensation pushing away from the floor. Draw the shoulders away from the ears and look downward between your hands. Power your legs by straightening your knees and pressing out through the heels. Draw your belly in and pelvic floor up. And breathe…3 (or more) breath cycles and then rest in child’s pose (Day 16).

Feel free to place your knees on the floor to support your body, rather than keeping them lifted. It’s best to protect your wrists and spine as you progress. This is a practice in patience too.

Mantra: “Change takes effort.”

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