51/100 ~ Lunges with block support – Let’s bring it part-way down to the floor today, my friends. Today we’ll practice a basic lunge, also known as runner’s lunge, to help open the hips and build strength in the legs. You know you want it…

Benefits: This pose stretches, strengthens and tones the hips, legs, feet and glutes. It builds stamina and endurance, and is a great beginner yoga pose. Practicing this posture will help create a more stable foundation for many other yoga poses to come. Using the blocks for this pose helps to keep the body in optimal alignment, especially if you are new to the practice and/or have tight hips.

How to: Stand in Mountain Pose (Day 2) at the top of your mat, and place your yoga blocks on the outsides of your feet. Step your left foot way back and come on to your toes, bearing weight evenly on all five. The right ankle should be directly under your bent right knee. Adjust yourself so that the right knee isn’t moving forward and in front of the ankle.

Straighten the left knee and press through your left heel, feeling strength in the entire leg. Press down through the right foot to lift the body upward. This is a pose for the legs, not the arms. Power up the legs and lift the body so that your fingertips are lightly resting on your yoga blocks. Breathe deeply for 3-5 breath cycles before stepping forward and moving to the other side.

Mantra: “On your mark, get set, SHINE!”

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