40/100 ~ Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana) – Embrace your inner Goddess with this fun yoga pose. I invite you to approach this pose with a sense of curiosity and playfulness. Try it out! You might be surprised with the feelings it invokes. Notice your personal power in this stance, and the way you rise to the challenge of this shape.

Benefits: This pose stretches, strengthens and tones the legs, hips and groin; improves posture in the shoulders and upper back; increases circulation in the body; opens the chest and stabilizes the core; and promotes a feeling of balance and personal power.

How to: Step your feet wide and have your toes angled out. Bend into your knees to see where they’ll land. You want the knees to open wide and be in alignment with the ankles once they’re bent, so take a practice bend. If the knees bend forward – instead of angled out to the sides – step your feet closer together so they aren’t as wide and try again.

Press evenly into both feet and take a deep breath in as you lift your arms overhead. On your exhale, bend the knees and elbows, bringing the arms into “cactus arms” with the elbows level with the shoulders. The fingers can be spread wide to stretch the hands, or held in Gyana mudra (thumb and index finger touch). The heels of the feet can stay grounded, or you can play around with lifting the heels if that feels fun for you. Relax your shoulders away from your ears, smile like your daughter just chose her wedding dress (!!!!) and breathe! Take 3-6 breath cycles before releasing the pose.

Mantra: “I am powerful beyond my wildest imagination.”

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