2/100 ~ Mountain Pose (Tadasana) I also call this “Starbucks pose” because you can hold it while you wait in line for your coffee. This simple posture is a strong and powerful pose. Compare my relaxed stance in the photo on the right to my mountain pose posture on the left. The difference in alignment is obvious!

Benefits: Improves posture. Increases strength, power and mobility in the feet, legs and hips. Reduces flat feet. Relieves sciatica. Steadies the breath and calms the mind.

How to: Stand with your feet hip distance apart, feet parallel with toes pointing forward. Level your bodyweight so that it’s evenly distributed on both feet. Press into the feet, lift through the arches, lift the kneecaps and engage the quads. Draw the belly in and lift through the crown of the head to stand nice and tall. Relax your shoulders back and down, and have the palms of the hands facing forward. Breathe deeply and feel your power here.

In mountain pose we are said to be a bridge between heaven and earth. Feel your self here – feet firmly planted and supported by the earth, crown of the head reaching toward heaven.

Mantra: “Earth below me. Heaven above me. Fire within me.”

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