Greetings, yoga friends!

We’re only a few days out from Christmas, and I hope this finds you calm, cool and collected. Standing tall and breathing deeply, yes?

One of my favorite yoga teachers posted a timely video yesterday about creating a yin practice in the midst of holiday yang energy. It was timely for me because I’d found myself feeling the things he described for this time of year – a little burnt out and kind of resentful. With so much on our to-do lists, maybe not eating as healthy as we’d like, rushing from one activity to the next…well, it had begun to take a toll on me.

As I listened to my teacher’s words, I paid close attention to his suggestion to do something exquisite for myself. He encouraged listeners to find an activity with yin properties – something to relax and soothe the body, mind and spirit. When called to think of way to relax, my mind goes straight to mandala drawing. So I pulled out my sketchbook, mapped out the base of a blank mandala and began.

And the next thing you know, I’d drawn a ring of Santa faces and felt myself settle in. I love how the Universe provides what we need at just the right time. My teacher’s video, a reminder to return to my mandala practice, sitting quietly and allowing creativity to take the reins…it was just the shift I needed.

Perhaps you could use a little time-out yourself. What feeds your soul when you need a little yin time? I uploaded a copy of my Santa mandala that you can print and color if you’d like. (Find it by clicking here.)

And if you’re still caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush, do take good care and be kind to yourself. I believe you’ll find the results well worth the effort.

Merry Christmas, yoga friends!